Foto Giorgione

Welcoming visitors to the city of the great genius will be special tour packages, theme menus and shop discounts.

On the occasion of this great international exhibition, the city of Castelfranco Veneto, the Tourist Promotion Consortium of the March of Treviso and associated operators, in collaboration with the Veneto Region, the Chamber of Commerce, the Province of Treviso and the business association Unascom Confcommercio, have set up a team to promote the historical and artistic attractions - as well as the wine and cuisine - of this remarkable area by offering various tourist promotions, conventions and packages.

Visitors arriving in Castelfranco will be welcomed and enveloped in an orange-shaded atmosphere similar to that in the paintings of Giorgione. They will be guided through the exhibition and given a chance to explore the city with its multifarious cultural and tourist offers.

Along with the picturesque Piazza Giorgione, the streets of Castelfranco Veneto and the shop windows of the centre will be dressed for the occasion: shopkeepers will find inspiration in Giorgione's art by taking part in the "March Shop Windows" competition, while the Giardini del Sole shopping arcade will be entirely adorned with pictures from the exhibition, and here customers will be offered a free, supervised Baby Club area - with workshops and toys for children - inspired by the themes of the exhibition.

Shopping in the prestigious shops of the city centre will also be more convenient thanks to the Incentro Premia Card, promoted by business community, Unascom Confcommercio and the Consortium. Those who have purchased a regular ticket for the exhibition (or, once this event is over, a ticket to the Casa Giorgione Museum) will be entitled to purchase - within a year - a reduced ticket for the "Museum Island" (comprising the Civic Museum of Asolo, the Gipsoteca del Canova (a gallery of plaster casts), the Palladian villas - Villa Barbaro at Maser and the Villa Emo at Fanzolo - and the so-called "golden triangle", which offers some extraordinary works by Giorgione, Palladio and Canova. Giorgionesque colours and atmospheres will also stimulate the creativity of barmen and restaurateurs, who will create cocktails, snacks and menus devoted to the great exhibition, while Fraccaro, the long-standing confectionery company of Castelfranco will brand its traditional products (the Spumadoro focaccia and Gondola pastries) with the mark "Giorgione".

A great number of speciality wines and foods from the area will be on offer: the true star of the winter season is the Radicchio ( or red chicory) of Castelfranco, which will be served through original recipes - combining creativity and tradition - during special themed events and evenings. The picturesque hilly landscape enclosed between Mount Grappa and the Piave - sacred river of the Fatherland - also offers many other typical products to delight our taste-buds: precious honey, delicious mountain cheeses, grappa, olive oil and mushrooms.

These excellent specialties should be accompanied by one of the many local wines on offer: the DOC Montello and Colli Asolani wines in their Red, White, Venegazzù, Merlot, Cabernet, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco and Pinot Grigio varieties. The "denomination of origin" includes the Carmenère, Bianchetta and Manzoni Bianco wines from a native single varietal, while the flagship of the local produce remains Prosecco, the most characteristic and beloved wine from the hilly March of Treviso.

Several side planned events will brighten the city: a rich celebration will be set up for the "Mysteries of Giorgione", with local hosts offering what is best in the Treviso tradition; while for the entire period of the exhibition, every weekend a special mini-train run by Dotto Trains will take tourists to explore Castelfranco Veneto, and tourist operators will be offering free guided tours. The exhibition will be a not-to-be-missed chance to visit the March of Treviso. Last but not least, there are the convenient tourist packages offered by the hotels, a combination of quality and renowned hospitality.