Foto Giorgione

The "golden triangle": Giorgione, Palladio, Canova

A Land under the Aegis of Art

The exhibition will enable visitors to discover a land with a wealth of history, art and culture. In an area of just a few kilometres - a veritable "golden triangle" - it is possible to admire the extraordinary works of three great masters of sculpture, architecture and painting: Palladio, Canova, and Giorgione

Two fundamental works from the precious but limited heritage of Giorgione are found at Castelfranco: the Altarpiece (preserved in the Cathedral) and the Frieze of the Liberal and Mechanical Arts, to which we should add the 15th-century house of the artist, the place in which his thought and work developed and which has now been turned - after careful restoration - into the Casa Giorgione Museum. The surrounding area is a land of matchless beauty that offers great opportunities: from the Palladian villas dotted across the Veneto countryside - such as the Maser Villa, where grand Palladian architecture is blended with the charm of Veronese's frescoes in the extraordinary natural setting of the Asolo hills, or the Emo Villa of Fanzolo (Vedelago), a perfect example of a Palladian farm-villa marked with great simplicity and absolute harmony, which conjures classical images in the context of everyday work - to the extraordinary neoclassical works of Canova, such as the Temple and Plaster-cast Gallery of Possagno, which houses all the plaster casts made by the great Veneto sculptor: his first genuine works. those wishing to deepen their knowledge of Canova could admire the drawings, casts and unique collection of metopes preserved in the Civic Museum of Bassano del Grappa.

This is the heart of the new art heritage and tourist itinerary known at the "Brenta road" (which is strongly supported by the Veneto Region and the Autonomous Province of Trento). Following the course of the river Brenta from Trento to Venice, this itinerary is intended to unfold along the historical paths of European culture.

The "golden triangle": Giorgione, Palladio, Canova