Foto Giorgione


Groups and school parties are requested to make reservations.
Reservations can also be made by individual visitors: booking in this case is not required but highly recommended, particularly for visits on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
Entrance bookings will enable visitors to access the exhibition even when it is more crowded by skipping the queue.
Bookings can be made to access the exhibition in each free time slot on the hour and at 20 and 40 minutes past the hour until 5.40 pm every day. The exhibition closes at 7.00 pm.
Visits to the exhibition are open, meaning they have no time limits, although about 60 minutes should be allowed for a comprehensive tour.
Bookings can be made either on the Internet or by calling the call centre at 800.90.44.47.


Collecting Tickets

Tickets booked for the exhibition in Castelfranco Veneto may be collected from the reservations counter at the Casa Giorgione Museum, the exhibition venue.
To collect tickets, visitors will have to provide valid I.D. and the ticket order number they will have been given by the call centre or have received via the email that is automatically sent to those who have purchased a ticket.
Those who have booked a ticket should show up at the counter at least 10 minutes before their scheduled visit.



Cancellations cannot be made for reserved tickets, nor can bookings be changed. The booking cost will only be refunded in those cases where the responsibility for the cancelling of a visit lies with the exhibition organizers.



Bookings can be made at an additional cost of € 1.00 per ticket (this fee is already included in the price of group tickets and tickets for school parties).
Visitors booking concession tickets are required to give proof of their right to benefit from a reduction when they collect the tickets.
It is possible to book visits over the Internet from the present page, by purchasing tickets with a credit card.


Visual Guide Services

When making bookings through the call centre it is also possible to book a visual guide (for groups, individuals or school parties) through the same system used to book tickets. Payment for this additional service will be made together with that for the tickets.